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Why ERPA Guitar?

Why ERPA Guitar?

A comprehensive collection of materials gives you a lot of options to achieve your favorite sound and appearance.

Years of research on scientific theories about producing techniques concluded to several tips, which make our guitars sound better and look more beautiful than many other brands

Here are just a few examples:

Planting five layers of carbon fiber inside the neck makes it more than ten times stronger than a plain neck. These layers also increase the conduction of vibration from neck to the body of guitar; meaning you will achieve a much clearer sound while performing left hand techniques such as legato.  

Using vacuum system, we install the bridge on top under constant pressure distributed all over it to make our customers absolutely sure about the resistance of bridge under constant tension of strings.

For installing fan bracing and bars, we also use vacuum system in order to benefit the advantages of its constant pressure distribution. These advantages include, keeping the top from crushing damages that other tools may cause and conducting the vibration equally along the fan bracing and bars.

Instead of using traditional tuning machine for traditional flamenco guitars, we use viola-tuning pegs, produced by Wittner company. These tuning machines are eight times more accurate because of their mechanical construction. In contrast with traditional kinds, these machines also make you confident about stability of your guitar tune.  


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